The Orange Region

The Region

Orange is a relatively new kid on the block as far as wine regions go, however its certainly earnt its right as one of the ‘coolest’, aptly classified as a producer of cool climate wines.

The classification of ‘cool climate’ means that it has a longer, cooler ripening period over the summer months as opposed to the warmer regions of Australia. Its high elevation, coupled with long warm days and cool nights, gives a gentler ripening ensuring fruit will develop intense fruit flavours.

Orange wines are fast emerging in the marketplace with a unique intensity of flavour, great colour, balance, natural acidity and fine tannins seeing their appearance on the finest of dining tables.

The Orange regions lowest boundary starts at 600 metres above sea level and rises up to 1,400 metres at its highest peak of Mount Canobolas. The highest vineyards are planted around 1,100 metres.


The main rainfall is throughout winter and spring and driest months primarily February, March and April making it an ideal location for the production of quality wines.

Orange weather has a predominantly continental climate.

In January, Orange weather is at its hottest when it reaches a maximum average temperature of 26.4 degrees Celsius. The minimum average temperature for summer is 13.2 degrees. In summer, Orange weather has warm days, but at night it can get quite cool.

The weather in Orange is coldest during the month of July when the average maximum temperature is 9.3 degrees and the average minimum temperature sinks to 1.4 degrees Celsius. In winter, Orange weather can also experience snowfall.

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